Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I hate money

I hate money. I hate having money. I hate not having money. I hate how when I have money, I never know what to spend it on. I also hate not having any money, and then suddenly realizing nineteen things I want to buy. I hate getting enough money to buy what you want, and then changing your mind about it.

For example, I had a PSP, and before spring break I decided to sell it and save up my allowance over the break to buy a DS, but a few days ago, I realized that if I got a DS, the only games I would play were the Phoenix Wright games, which I've already beaten.

So I veto'd that plan, and now I hate $120, which nothing to spend it on. Maybe I'll buy a headset for Team Fortress 2. I hate being a medic without a headset.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy god it's been forever

Suddenly I get the urge to write posts for this thing.

In the time between my last post and this one, I bought jeans for the first time since I was in Kindergarden, got a gay (but still incredibly awesome) gray and dark purple striped T-shirt, and became a contributor for Ubercharged.net. Currently my first post there has 29 comments, 28 of which are positive. I gotta tel ya, it's such an ego trip to write a post for a site with it's own domain. Come to think of it, that might have been what inspired me to come back to this. As another plus, I get an email every time someone comments, and when I get a new email and am signed into Windows Live messenger, I get a little pop-up thing. It makes me feel important.

Now, for the end-of-post plugs:
-Ashcast: Great podcast as long as you don't expect anything completely serious.
-My first article on Ubercharged.net

Well, that's all, expect new posts in the future.