Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not-Really-Free Days suck

(This one's for all those still in school or who can remember it.)

Ever been excited for a free day? A day off your lessons, due to a holiday, parent-teacher conference, or "Professional Development Day?" (I dunno if any school but mine does those.) Have you ever been really, really excited, mildly excited, or not at all?

If you've ever even noticed a free day, you've probably been pissed off when you get slammed with a ton of homework.

This is what my week looks like, Homework-wise:

-English essay, due next week.
-French presentation, due Thursday after my "Free Day"
-Lab Report on the expieriment I didn't do because I was absent.
-Math homework due Friday.
-Two Math sheets due the day after they were assigned.

Yeah, that's a lot of crap to do. It's made even worse by the fact that most of it was assigned on Monday, when I had a stomach problem and only did the first math assignment.

To make matters even worse, I have to write an entire chapter of a story due Thursday, plus today I have a Tae Kwon Do class to get to in about an hour and have yet another thing to do at Six. Plus, my parents are putting a ban on the TV and Internet as soon as they get home, (Although our youngest sister is still allowed to watch TurboNick, what's up with that?)

And for reading all this whining, enjoy a creepy picture.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New banner.

Done by McJesus/AlmightyWill on DeviantART, who, like Rabieisme, is on DeviantART and Super Paint Brawl, 'cept McJesus draws a lot more.

Additionaly, he drew part of the old banner.

Monday, February 9, 2009

So I saw the Grammy awards...

Hot damn, that was weird, and creepy, and inspiring in the fact that it made me start a list of all the times I lose faith in humanity. (Not kidding here.)

Seriously, I thought the Grammy awards used to be classy, now they have pregnant rappers, The Jonas Brothers preforming (With poor Stevie Wonder,) Hannah Montana hosting, and Coldplay winning an award for ROCK? Seriously?

Speaking of Coldplay, am I the only one who realized they were just a pink musician and a black musician away from being the Power Rangers? Did anyone notice the dog on the speaker when Dave Groll and Paul McCartney preformed? How about Katy Perry and MIA's outfits? The Grammy awards were seriously screwed this year.

Below is an artist's depiction of what I looked like while watching it.

(Coldplay were dressed like the Power Rangers because they were there to fight Paul McCartney.)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bi-annual Batman

Because everyone needs themselves a little Batman in their lives.

Drawn by the highly talented Rabiesisme, who is a member of this forum, and also has a very small DeviantART gallery here.

And while I'm promoting stuff, check out Mightygodking and Ubercharged/Boomercharged both are very good blog-ish sites.

Anyway, Batman.

Just cleared out a hole in the side of a mountain...

So I decided to call it the Sheepcave. Best name ever, right? Because I'm the Sheepshifter, and this is my cave, so it's the Sheepcave, get it?

Anyway, you can find my ramblings and other stuff here, I'll try to make it funny. Except for this post, this post doesn't count.

Check back soon for our first of a few segments, Conspiracy Theory Wednesdays!